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Board Game Reviews

A quick review of the games we have played, how they work, ease of learning and any key points you should be aware of.

May contain spoilers.....

I will also note the date we played them so you can view actual play reports.

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Resource ManagementPosted by Sir Keith Sun, May 20, 2012 11:36:33

Board Game; 2-5 Players; Ages 12+ by Rio Grande Games

Hamburg in the 17th century! Mighty walls protect the city against the devastationsof the Thirty Years War. Thanks to Protestant religious refugees, Hamburghas become the biggest and most prosperous city of Germany. From far away the skyline shows the steeples of huge churches and the masts of mighty trade ships displaying the citizens’ pride and prosperity.The players guide families of Hamburg in the pursuit of wealth and prestige. They produce beer, sugar and cloth and sell these goods with their ships overseas. They compete over the best sites for their buildings and the best berths for their ships in the harbour. But ultimately they vie for the most prestigious church donations, because neither gold nor goods, but only prestige decides the game.Hamburgum is a strategy game for 2 - 5 players without any luck of cards ordice. The actions are selected according to simple rules on a rondel. The reverse of the big doublesided game board offers another city, Londinium, a different strategic challenge.

This is a deep strategy game, where you play families vying for economic power and ultimate prestige within the city of Hamburg. The game plays around the rondel, where you choose the action you wish to take that turn. You can move as far round as you like, but move more than 3 squares then you begin to loose prestige (as your desperation begins to show!). In a deeply religious city, building and expanding your church adds to your standing and this is how your victory points are gathered. To invest however means money and this is handled by producing goods and trading them away. To do this means the need for ships and the limited amount of berths available in the harbour.

There is a lot going on and a lot to consider for each turn. There is a risk of AP (analysis paralysis) so be aware that the play time is not a great guide! This is one for the Euro fans, not one I would get out for the family..

Play report - 12th April 2012

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