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A quick review of the games we have played, how they work, ease of learning and any key points you should be aware of.

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Alien Frontiers

Resource ManagementPosted by Sir Keith Sun, May 20, 2012 11:56:19

Board game. 2-4 players, ages 13+. Publisher: Clever Mojo Games.

When humans first landed on the new world they knew it would be rough going. Building up fuel and ore reserves and constructing colony domes is hard work. But then the first alien artifact was discovered, and the secret tunnels, and the abandoned city. Now it's a race to colonize and control this Alien Frontier. Alien Frontiers is a game of resource management, worker placement, and area control set in a retro-future scifi universe. The dice you receive at the start of the game represent the spaceships in your fleet. Docking your ships at the orbital facilities will earn resources, expand your fleet, raid your opponents, discover alien technology, trade commodities, and build colony domes to land on the planet. Winning will require careful consideration as you assign your fleet, integrate the alien technology and territory bonuses into your expansion plans, and block the other players from building colonies of their own.

This is the game that really made everyone sit up and take notice of Kickstarter! Clever Mojo game of resource management, using dice is a simple yet clever idea. There is a lot of luck involved inrolling the right numbers but even then there are enough choices to keep you interested. The main thing is to try to add more dice (ships) to your pool and to get down onto the planet so you can grab the bonuses first. One great part is the clarity of the scoring. One bad thing is that it is difficult to overtake once someone gets a lead! However, this is a good game and the expansion has been on kickstarter so should be out soon.... Easy to learn (however be careful that you do not remove all the dice after a round of play as we did in the first game of this!). Only the active player removes their dice and then rolls them. This is not clear in the rules. Not one for children but gaming groups and older children will enjoy it!

Play report - 29th March 2012

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