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These are my reports of the games we play and our views of the weaknesses and strengths of the games. I will be blunt, truthful and not always kind (except about my D&D Campaign!)

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29th DC vs KOT

November 2012Posted by Sir Keith Thu, December 06, 2012 12:12:37

Dungeon Command - Undead vs Drow

A limited group this week, led to the first game of DC to be played on Thursday Night. Sir Nick took on the Squire, playing the new undead set. This was our first vire of this set in action and it was very interesting.

The squire got off to a powerful start, with his umber hulk in play from the start. He dominated the board, forcing the undead back to their starting area. However this meant he was overstretched and with the undead able to do little and often damage, the umberhulk eventually fell to their foul arts. This meant that the Drow were having to move quickly across the board, while the undead were able to bring in reinforcements and attack the new turn. as there was a quick turnover of undead, the undead Dragon came into play and made mincemeat of the final Drow....

A good balanced game that swung severely one way to the other. I do like this game and there are plenty of good options and encounters to go.. We did not use the chests as it was the first game and perhaps this was to the disadvantage of the drow. However also chasing a group back to their starting area was also a disadvantage as shown above

King of Tokyo - with Expansion

We also played the new KOT expansion tonight. This added a new monster (a giant panda) and unique monster cards. Rolling three hearts meant that a permanent or temprary change happened to your monster and each monster had their own cards to select from. It is a fun game and as there were 5 players, we used the Tokyo Bay area as well as the Tokyo space. It led to several fun games that were one by players using different tactics and different winning conditions. For the £12.99 price, it doesn't seem a lot but it does change the game significantly and I highly recommend it....

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22nd - Bring on the City

November 2012Posted by Sir Keith Thu, December 06, 2012 12:01:11

Seven Wonders with City & Leaders Expansion

So tonight we finally got out the city expansion to Seven Wonders. This is a real change to the game, with additonal wonders, leaders, guilds and new black cards added to the deck. The black cards now add 8 cards to the hand, so more choice and another round each age! Also there are new actions to take, as a diplomacy action allows the player to remove itself from combat, making you move attack the next person along. So it is more important to watch what others in the game are doing.

The black cards themselves seem to be very powerful. They can unbalance some hands but to be honest I found them to more reward those doing well while further penalising those struggling. The debt tokens seemed particularly harsh to those without coins, especially as they cannot be removed further in the game. The diplomacy however I liked and to be able to remove from combat at a key time did add some strategy to the game.

However like in most games, the science really won it! Especially in the first game where the squire was the only one to go the science route. Blocking this off in the second game meant a much closer game, though resource did seem very scarce for some players, especially where the leader expansion wonders were in play....

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15th More Wonders!!

November 2012Posted by Sir Keith Sat, November 10, 2012 16:59:26

Tonight there was a full house. However with my work schedule being so hectic of late and with Sir Animal still struggling, there was nothing prepared. However it was a good opportunity for us to play some more Seven Wonders, before cracking out the latest expansion.

We played with Leaders and all the wonders, including Rome and Brussels. However what we found with this is that the starting resources for the neighbouring players of these struggled, espeically when one had both Brussels and Rome on either side!!

During the game itself, the leaders played quite a key role. Gareth benefited in the first game as being the only player of 7 to go the science route and so won easily. In the secon d game he played a military card on the last turn, just besting my military and getting a narrow point victory. In the last game my leaders were extremely strong and worked perfectly with my cards. I romped to an easy win, with lots of points....

This is a good game but really needs cities now as i think we have played it out until then!

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1st - A new Game

November 2012Posted by Sir Keith Tue, November 06, 2012 21:14:51

Tonight there were only four of us in attendance. As such we managed to trial the Squire's new game that he has designed.

This is a card and dice quest based game, where you build up your character before attempting quests. The game ends when a player has completed the master quest. There are different items, quests and abilities to gather, providing you can afford them and other affects that can either aid you or hurt others.

The combat is all done using different coloured D20's, depending on the type of combat you are having or items you are using. It is an interesting idea which can lead to some good combat. However there is some work to do especially with the melee balance that doesn't seem to quite work right.

There are also some issues with some of the cards, but for a first trial that is to be expected. However overall this is a good game that has some very interesting possibilities. It would be good to get more play-testing and to see where this game can lead to......

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