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These are my reports of the games we play and our views of the weaknesses and strengths of the games. I will be blunt, truthful and not always kind (except about my D&D Campaign!)

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DC Comics Deck Building Game

March 2013Posted by Sir Lard Sat, March 23, 2013 23:08:47

Sir Animal was missing this week, last report he was seen throwing his underwear at Kirk Brandon (Spear of Destiny singer, if you didnt know ask Boy George who could tell you who he is!)

Malcolm and Gareth was with us this week, so Sir Nick deciced for us to play DC Comics deck building game as it is a 5 player game as Sir Nick remember as he gave the starting decks out to us, Sir Keith volunteered not to play and coach Malcolm. I played Wonder Woman who gets extra cards for each Villian she collects in her turn, Squire Phil had Aquaman, Gareth had Batman, Malcolm had Green Lantern, and Sir Nick had Superman, I started strong in the game as lots of small costing Villians appeared in the line up, which I started collecting which gave me more cards in the next rounds, this was ok but as they were only small villians they didnt give me that many points to collect the Super Villians or the larger costing cards, this gave Malcolms Green Lantern to start to get his power working and he started to collecting the super villians nearly every round, Sir Nick had trouble collecting the super powers which gave him either more cards or higher power level, he started collecting them but it was to late in the game, finally Malcolm took the last super villian and the game was over. Then the counting started,

Malcolm came first I believe with 36 points (see Sir Keith can do something)

Gareth was 2nd with 32points

Squire Phil and Myself came joint 3rd with 31points

Sir Nick finished last with 21 points

As you can see it was quite close at the top, remember Sir Nick we never win our own games!!!!!!!

Sir Nick pointing out which card he would take if he was Malcolm, and I thought Sir Keith was coaching him.

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Race for the Galaxy

March 2013Posted by Sir Lard Sun, March 17, 2013 00:13:34

Just the Squire and Knights tonight, so we decided to play a game of Race for the Galaxy.

After Trying to remember how to play, we started the game. Some had better starts than others, I started with Old Earth and then settled Alpha Centauri in my settle phase but the squire had placed consume phase down so i only got a point for this and no cards and for the next couple of turns i had to produce then consume just to get some cards, slowly I managed to get some cards down, one being Retro fit and salvage, which started to give me cards when Sir Keith could not help produce cards when he had to consume, this started to give me the edge when i started to produce then consume double VP. This soon finished as the others reached the magic 12 cards, when we added the victory points I had 47, Sir Nick also had 47 so in the end a draw.

The Squire planing his next move.

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Evil Baby Orphanage

March 2013Posted by Sir Lard Tue, March 12, 2013 22:51:04

Nearly everyone was present this week (Squire Phil “had to rest” his excuse not mine, now you know why he is not a Knight!) When I eventually got there we played “Evil Baby Orphanage”, you play a role of a time nanny looking after an orphanage, but the babies are no ordinary babies, they are all baby versions of evil persons through history, the aim of the game is to start your turn with enough points of mischief points. Gareth started as he was the one who looked more like a baby (OK he was the youngest) at first the game was ticking along nicely the usual taking other peoples cards making other players pass their cards to other players, the lead pass from player to player and then at a certain point you start to notice the babies are getting more and more in players orphanages as the babies are never discarded, so then it’s a battle to stop other players having enough points to win while guarding your own orphanages, in the end everyones cards will not stop someone winning and this game it was Gareth. But before he could brag about it too much we had a card game of Bismark, and he was very soundly thrashed with Malcolm winning with a score over 200 well done Malcolm.

Evil Baby Orphanage is a game we will play again, may be in the evening at UK Games Expo 2013.

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