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These are my reports of the games we play and our views of the weaknesses and strengths of the games. I will be blunt, truthful and not always kind (except about my D&D Campaign!)

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The last Thursday before UK Games Expo

May 2013Posted by Sir Lard Mon, May 20, 2013 17:48:58

16TH May

Everyone was present, and as it was our last Thursday night before UK Games Expo, we decide to do a test run with a few last minute tweaks to the Wizard Chariot Racing Game (working title Wiziots), this is the game we are play testing at the Expo.

It started well the bases I had given Sir Animal to base the chariots on were to big for the track that I had marked out (they now have been rebased with correct size bases), we showed Gareth and Malcolm how he game was played and let them take two of the chariots, Sir Nick and the Squire had the others, the game started Gareth started to lag behind as not having the Summon Steed spell for the first few turns, Sir Nick on the other hand was half way round the track on the first lap, So he quickly become the target for most of the offensive spells, the Squire and Malcolm was fighting for second place. On the second lap Gareth caught up with the Squire and Malcolm, and slowly they all caught up with Sir Nick and on the last corner they were all in line with each other, Gareth cast a teleport spell on his turn, but it was cancelled, Squire Phil did not roll enough on his dice and Sir Nick managed to roll enough and crossed the line. After the game we discussed the rules and made a few more amendments, so please come and have a go at the expo and tell us what you think?

What are the Knights doing at UK Games Expo

This weekend is the start of the Kickstarter Campaign for Every Round Counts, so we will be giving out flyers, and giving the games library a couple of the demo games for people to play, also I will have a copy if anybody would like a game.

On Friday night Sir Keith and Sir Animal will be playing Achtung Cthulhu

On Saturday Sir Steve will be play testing Wiziots

Sir Keith and Sir Animal will be playing Tunnels and Trolls

On Sunday Sir Nick is entered into the Blood bowl Manager Competition

This is the planned part of the weekend; the rest of the weekend is a mystery!

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D&D the adventure continues

May 2013Posted by Sir Lard Fri, May 10, 2013 17:13:57

9TH May

As we were all present this week we returned to the D&D adventure run by Sir Keith,

The party consists of Woodworm a Cleric (Sir Animal), Strips a Fighter (Malcolm),

Stretch a Barbarian (Squire Phil), Snatch a thief (Gareth), Harry a Monk (Sir Nick) and Low blow a Wizard (Sir Steve)

Sir Keith first reminded as all where we had got to (as our memories are not great), then the adventure restarted with a rest (yes we had to rest as we all need to get a lot of hit points back), the rest went without interruption, so we then head of down a roughly cut tunnel to a tee-junction which had an alcove nearby with some planks resting on the floor. The first four walked across the junction and then found out it was a pit trap, Woodworm and Stretch fell in and the trap door shut leaving them down there! Then the rest of the Party was attacked by two Dire Rats and a group of Kobolds, we slowly killed these off even woodworm and stretch got out of the pit before we finished the combat, after searching the bodies we head of down the corridor finding another tee-junction (no traps this time) with doors at both ends, the first door we went to opened into a small but strong rancid smelling storeroom, the second door lead into a room which had four armoured Kobolds and two un-armoured Kobolds, Stretch and Strips rushed in, the barbarian hitting, Strips was still missing the rest of us joined the fight and the two un-armoured kobolds ran off, the armoured ones put up a little struggle but were killed quickly, but the fight wasn’t over! all of a sudden a Ogre run in from the entrance at the back of the room and hit Stretch (a mere flesh wound to him), it was now my turn Low Blow the Wizard unleashed his Thunderwave Spell, the Ogre failed his dex test and the spell hit him for 12 hit points (my biggest hit so far) and push him towards a wall, the rest of the party piled in and he goes down by the end of the round, we then followed the route he came in the tunnel split in two ways, one direction we saw the 2 kobolds they saw us and ran out of the hole in to daylight at the end of the tunnel, the other way lead into the Ogres Room, we found his leather bag full with about 2000 gold coins (on closer inspection they were copper coins painted gold, the kobolds had tricked the Ogre) a bottle of rum, and a pile of bones we shifted through the bones and buried under the pile we found 5 arrows which showed no sign of rust (maybe silver or magical) we took these!!!

We then trudged back through to the stairway leading downwards we reached the bottom of the stairs to meet a door with runes marked all over it, I failed my Arcane roll so I decide to take some rubbings of the ruins to study later, and Snatch failed to open the door as well. So we went back to another corridor that we hadn’t explored, it lead us past a large pool of water the ledge was slippery and the party roped themselves to each other and crossed the ledge only Harry slipped, but luckily was pulled up before he got wet! The other side of the pool we went past a post and saw several dead goblins lying on the floor they had been killed by edged weapons, we sent Snatch up ahead to check the corner at the end of the corridor, he saw loads of bones lying on the floor in the next room, we approached with care and luckily we did as we turned the corner up jumped several skeleton warriors, again I used the Thunderwave spell and 3 of the 4 skeletons that were hit buy the spell were sent flying across the room, Strips then hit one a killed it, a skeleton hit the wizard for 6 hit points (out of 12 he has), then woodworm turned all but one of the skeleton, and they ran to the other side of the room, stretch and strips went in to finish them off, strips using his ability cleaving two at a time twice, when the rest of the party reached the other side of the room, the door in the corner was the only think to see apart from pile of bones from the dead skeletons.

Snatch unlocked the door and entered the room that had an alter along one side with stretch and woodworm following, a Goblin Wright appeared in the far corner, The Wizard Low blow unleashed two magic missiles, it started to move forward, Harry rushed in, Snatch was hit a decide he would move out the way, Woodworm cast a spell, followed by Strips firing one of the Arrows that we found luckily the Wright disappeared, Low blow cast a detect magic spell and under the altar was a glow, Snatch went and found a secret compartment which contained a short sword. The party decide to head back to the barracks in the town.

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Blood Bowl Manager – Sir Nick in Training

May 2013Posted by Sir Lard Thu, May 09, 2013 11:19:36

2nd May

5 Tonight, Malcolm and Gareth missing

As I was running late, the others decide Sir Nick needed some training for the Blood Bowl Manager Competition at this year UK Games Expo which is on the Sunday,

By the time I arrive the Squire had already started to get a lead and Sir Animal was lagging behind, after a couple of more turns I sat in while Sir Animal made the refreshments but could not turn his game around, after the last round me and Sir Animal fan total had just reached 20, The Squire won the game with 45 Fans, with Sir Nick and Sir Keith following close behind

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