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These are my reports of the games we play and our views of the weaknesses and strengths of the games. I will be blunt, truthful and not always kind (except about my D&D Campaign!)

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August 2013Posted by Sir Lard Sat, August 31, 2013 11:43:36
Sir Keith back from the crusade in Wales (weeks holiday with his family), Gareth still working so no Malcolm, which left 5 of us we decided to play a 5 player game of village, the Village Inn expansion to make it a 5 player game but still using the basic rules from the original game (no beer making) as it was the Squires first game of village!

The Result

Sir Lard 57 points
Sir Keith and Sir Animal 46 points
Squire Phil 44 points
Sir Nick 35 points

Next time whe the 5 of us are there we will try the Village Expansion with all the Rules

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Seasons & Playtesting

August 2013Posted by Sir Lard Fri, August 23, 2013 14:39:42

August 22

Only 4 tonight, Sir Animal, Sir Nick, the Squire Phil and myself, Sir Keith is in Wales and as Gareth is working there is no Malcolm


We decided to play Seasons, our second attempt but the squires first!
we drafted the hands, split it in to 3 piles for the 3 years and started to play.
we are still using the basic cards, next game we will expand to see if the game changes, the game plays ok (I'm still on the fence) but whoever designed the crystal scorecard should be punished, it would have been better if it snaked up the board not going in rows from left to right as the score on this board goes up and down it would be far easier to score!


Sir Nick 155
Sir Animal 87
Squire Phil 82
Sir Lard 78

Pyramid (WIP) Tile placing Game

A short desciption of the game
The players have to place all there tiles to make a pyramid, before placing the tiles players have to decided which colours are going to be rolled on three dice, they do this by placing upto three tiles on a coloured mat (d6 dice 4 colours to choose from the other 2 sides either remove or replace tiles), and the first player rolls the dice
the correctly choosen tiles are given back to the players the incorrect ones are placed in the discard pile, then from the first player tiles are placed one at a time going round the table and scoring for the tiles, then the dice are passed to the next player and the round starts again. the game finishes when the pyramid is built, a player has used all his tiles on the pyramid (not in the discard pile) or no player has any tiles left.

Feedback from the playtest
Increasing the amount of tiles each player recieves (was 10 will try with 12)

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August 2013Posted by Sir Lard Sat, August 17, 2013 11:20:25
August 15th

Six in attendance, Sir Animal decided the rest of us needed to play pitchcar with him being the adjudicator (we are not that bad, but I think he wanted to take the mickey out of all our bad flicks and we could not do that back if he was not playing!), as I was running late the others do a qualifying lap and some how I managed to qualafy in 2nd.

On the start line for the 3 lap race the order was as follows

Sir Nick in pole
2nd Sir Lard
3rd Sir keith
4th Malcolm
5th Gareth

the race started, gareth 1st lap was bad, all the others nearly caught up with him! and Sir Nick was pulling away at the start of the 3rd lap he was nearly 1/2 a lap a head then a few bad flicks a good flicks from malcolm he was caught, the race was tight on the last quarter the lead changing at least 3 times, Malcolm just managed to beat Sir Nick and Sir Lard to the line the race finished

1st Malcolm
2nd Sir Nick
3rd Sir Lard
4th Sir Keith
5th Gareth

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August 2013Posted by Sir Lard Tue, August 13, 2013 13:44:13

August 8th

Back from my Holiday we played Phil’s game of Incan Gold from Gryphon Games


Incan Gold (co-designed by Alan R. Moon, designer of Ticket to Ride) is a quick, fun game of bluff and daring in which explorers push their luck while exploring an old Incan temple in search of gold and treasure. In each round, you decide whether to delve deeper into the temple, adding to your riches, or escape with the share you’ve acquired so far.

Every time an explorer braves new territory, more gems and dangers appear. Giant spiders, mummies and fire can cause you to lose everything. Is it worth the risk? You decide. But if you leave, those who remain in the temple may acquire a bigger share of each stash of jewels yet to be found.

After five rounds of exploration, whoever has the most treasure is the ultimate explorer and the winner!

As the game states a fun Filler game which all 7 of us could play.

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