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These are my reports of the games we play and our views of the weaknesses and strengths of the games. I will be blunt, truthful and not always kind (except about my D&D Campaign!)

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27th - Grove Concerns

January 2012Posted by Keith Sat, January 28, 2012 15:24:09

Mercalot - Shifter Paladin - Squire Phil

Rodamar - Wilden Battlemind - Sir Steve

Trigon - Shardmind Mage - Sir Animal

Ander - Halfling Sorceror - Sir Nick

OK - first thing is that I have had a hell of a week.... work is manic and I have had a terrible cold. On the night of the game I had to attend a Governor meeting at my son's school (yes I am a governor!!). This meant by the time I arrived for the game I was ill-prepared and doped up on drugs for my cold. Not a great start.

This also meant that I had rushed my preparations and did not have the figures, plans or treasures ready. I am getting stick from the ploayers that they need more up to date magical items as they are still using weapons and armor from 2nd-3rd level..... Also my ill prep meant that I didn't run some of the encouters to their max and I am sure that they rest of the guys realised this...... It was the easiest Displacer Beast kill in history :(

OK - Play Report on Obsidian Portal (link on the home page) so again time to update a few things:

1. UK Expo - We go every year and will be there again (look out for the Thirsty Knight T-Shirts). Ian Livingston and Steve Jackson are in attendance again and their last seminar two years ago was so interesting, I will attend again. Mayfair Games are the sponsors and so will also be good to see what is developing. Next year they are moving to a bigger venue so hopefully some of the big hitters (Fantasy Flight??) may make a show.

2. London Super Comic Con - Yep seems I am a Geek!! We are attending on 26th (my birthday - my angelic wife sort of understands). Stan Lee is in attendance so will be booking up a meeting and getting an autograph from the great man

3. D&D Next (5e????) - More information from a number of sources (websites and podcasts). Seems that they are making it more modular to attract all players of the different versions of the game. There is going to be a core rules but that can then be expanded upon for all versions. Apparently D&D next was first conceived after the success of the Ravenloft Boardgame and also is based on a staff-members own D&D campaign and house rules....WOTC have also announced that they will be supporting Forgotten Realms with the new addition. Shame, I was hoping for a return to Greyhawk!

4. There is an excellent article on the EN-World site that shows the amount of waste packaging and the value for money of the Path Finder plastic models. I gave my opinion last week but to make clear: the casting is Good to excellent in places. The painting is OK to poor and the cost is not reflective of the product.

OK - that's it - speak soon my friends.

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20th Off to the Abbey

January 2012Posted by Keith Sun, January 22, 2012 13:01:12

Infernal Eternium - D&D Campaign

Mercalot - Shifter Paladin - Squire Phil

Rodamar - Wilden Battlemind - Sir Steve

Trigon - Shardmind Mage - Sir Animal

Ander - Halfling Sorceror - Sir Nick

The party continued their long journey to Winterhaven to find out more about the card they had found. After a visit to Fallcrest where they were able to investigate and train some of their skills (up to level 7)...... A full game report is available at Obsidian Portal (see the link on our home page).

The game proceeded as normal, I have over 500 figures to use and still get more but today there are two things I wanted to discuss today:- Pathfinder Battles and D&D - 5E

Firstly Pathfinder Battles. I am an avid collector of figures and have nearly 500 D&D figurres, including the new Dragon set! I bought the first Pathfinder set of four figures and though pricey, I was very impressed with the detail and painting. With this in mind I bought 4 small and one large box, full of anticipation. The small box contain one small figure (for £2.50). The large box includes one larger figure (for £4.99).

The small figure boxes have one figure that are extremely expensive for what they are. The level of detail is no where near what was promised and most of the painting is very sloppy. To get a guard, a zombie and two hero figures for a little under £10 is ridiculous. You can get better and cheaper from ebay and I am not planning to buy any more! I feel very sorry for those that bought the bigger set for £50!!

The Large figure I got was the ogre! As one of the min characters I was again very disappointed with the end result. The painting of the skin was all one shade, with no attempt at shading etc. The detail was good but when I compare them to the D&D ogres I own, I know which one I will be playing.

Finally a quick note on D&D. I will not comment at present about 5E, I am on the 5E forums with my comments (user name Flubmosis) and I know there are better people with more insider knowledge out on the web.... No my gripe here is about the announcement that WOTC are planning on releasing the First Edition Premium Players Handbook, DM Guide and Monster Manual. This is a great idea to raise funds for the Gary Gygax Memorial Fund. I am a supporter of this..... So why only limit it to North America??? These will cost $100 and only on the Hobby Channel. How much more will they go on ebay and how much potential money will be lost for the fund??? This is a grave mistake and I am amazed at the naivety of WOTC as yet again WOTC slap their loyal players across the face. And people wonder why Pathfinder is so popular!

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12th - Up Up & Away

January 2012Posted by Keith Sat, January 14, 2012 10:48:12

Sentinels of the MultiVerse

This week we played the new hot card game - Sentinels of the Multiverse. This is a great card game where each player takes control of a superhero, that has it's own deck full of equipment, effects and powers. They fight against a supervillain who has their own deck and an environment deck that add more threat to the heroes.

To combat the balance issue in the game, Sir Animal took the role of the super villain and we took control of a hero each. I started with Ra - the sun god, an obvious choice due to my love of egyptology. We choose our heroes and so do not follow the guide in the book or the suggested teams. This meant the balance was not ideal and we had a tough fight agianst a villain that could produce numerous troops and a tough environment on Mars! In the first game Squire Phil was defeated but due to a neat mechanic, he just turned over his hero card and could continue to participate in the game though in a limited capacity. Eventually we managed to work together to get a tight victory. It should be added that everyone contributed and it was very satisfying.

In the second game we all chose different characters and I took Tachyon, a speed character in the theme of the Flash. This game was very different as the team had no strong character and a lot of support characters. This time the fight took place in a SAveage land with Dinosaurs. However Tachyon does have some great powers to work through and was able to move through her deck quickly to hit the villain again and again...... This ended up an easier victory than we expected.

Overall this is a great little game but there is a need for an expansion to address the balance issues and to give even more flavour.....

Next week back to the D&D campaign - will the party reach Winterhaven in one piece?

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5th - War, what is it good for?

January 2012Posted by Keith Sat, January 07, 2012 15:10:18

Sir Animal bought over the copy of Risk Legacy he bought from the States. We have all been anxious to get this to the table after seeing the contents previously. Inside the box are sealed compartments and envelopes that can only be opened when certain game conditions are met. Also there are sheets of stickers that change the way the board is set and how the game is played. Even the rule book has spaces for later games.

The game itself is styled to the traditional risk but with a lot of small differences that make it a whole different game. The aim is to get 4 stars, which win you the game. You start with 1 star and each player’s capital city is worth 1 star. This means in the first game you are half way to victory before rolling a dice! However the winner of the game signs the board and whoever is on the board will not get a star to start with (but instead gets a missile). Also regions have cards that give a certain amount of resource once to the region's controller once they successfully conquer another players region. These cards can be exchanged for troops or saved and four cards exchanged for a star.

We started the game with signing the back of the board, randomly allocating forces and first player. Sir Nick got the honour of First player and so got to set up first. He put his forces into Indonesia. The squire then set up in Greenland, Sir Steve in Ecuador, I set up in Africa and Sir Animal in Central Europe. We then had to choose which of the two powers are troops would start with and peel off the sticker and add to that troops’ control card. We then tore up the other sticker! One thing I would add is that the stickers are very difficult to peel off….

Sir Nick started with conquering Australasia and into Asia. Sir Steve conquered all of South America and I took Africa. Sir Animal tried to take all of Europe but was thwarted by Phil. The squire’s attempts on North America were likewise thwarted by Sir Steve. This then led to an epic battle for North America that Sir Steve eventually emerged victorious (mainly due to the worse dice rolling I have ever seen from the squire) and Sir Animal tried to get into the action by threatening the squires capital. Sir Nick could see that Sir Steve was gaining a strong position and moved his tanks into Alaska, stopping Sir Steve taking all North America. Meanwhile Sir Animal and I took and re-took Spain to get cards and prevent him form gaining the benefit of holding all Europe. I then did the same in the Middle-East to Sir Nick and control of Asia. This was after Sir Nick took my capital which i retook the next turn.

Finally Sir Nick Strengthened the Middle East, The squire lost all his troops and had to re-start elsewhere and Sir Steve and Sir Animal battled it out for his old capital. Sir Steve or Sir Nick were very close to winning so I decided on an all or nothing tactic. I cashed in my cards for more troops and charged into Europe. I took Sir Animal's capital, conquered Great Britain and Iceland and then poured into Greenland. There was a brief resistance before the capital fell and I had the four stars for Victory.

At the end, as victor, I got to rename Africa and the mighty continent of Keithtopia was born. Sir Animal founded Fat Town and Phil Nob Town (hmmmm). Sirs Nick and Steve added more resource to Brazil and China. I then added my name as the victor of game 1 which means next time I will be one star below before we start. This will add a totally different dynamic to the game.

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