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These are my reports of the games we play and our views of the weaknesses and strengths of the games. I will be blunt, truthful and not always kind (except about my D&D Campaign!)

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Canterbury Conquest

March 2015Posted by Sir Keith Tue, March 17, 2015 09:16:44
On Saturday 7th March the first Canterbury Conquest gaming convention took place. It was held in a small hall, in Canterbury though away from the city centre.
The location was fine and easy to get to (though parking was a pain for some) and the hall was OK once they turned off the heating.

There was a good cafe that kept up the supply of hot and cold food though it stopped the hot food at 13:00 just as Sir Animal wanted to order and just after Sir Steve and i had ordered - much to our amusement.

The local game shop had a presence at the back of the hall and there was a small bring and buy that had some interesting gamee. It was here that I actually picked up a Kickstarter Copy of the Dice Tower game "Nothing Personal". The weight and the quality of the pieces are amazing and I cannot wait to get it to the table!! It was a bargain at £25 and had never been played (it also included the expansion as this was part of the stretch goals). Really this was a major find and I still cannot believe my good fortune.

The organisation was poor. The tables in the main hall were all reserved but only three were actually used. This meant that those bringing games to play stayed in the cafe area and used their tables. Thus a load of those attending never went into the main hall and the shop stall didn't seem to sell anything.

Olly was the poor chap on the stall and he joined us for some of the games...

Kingsburg, Castle Panic - several games of Tinku and Ghost Storys all made it to the table. We also demo'ed Every Round Counts the Dice Game which went down well....

It was a fun day and good to have time to play games and make new friends. Our hobby is very inclusive and many are so sociable that it truly is fun..

Are you going to UK Expo???

We have a stall where we will be demoing ERC, ERC the dice game and TINKU.

Please come by, have a game, say hello and maybe a beer???

It really is the best three days of gaming in the UK - Bordgames, RPGs, Seminars, Wargames, Bring and Buy, Trade stall, Events....... Really recommend and hope to meet you there!

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Kingsburg and quiz night

March 2015Posted by Sir Keith Tue, March 17, 2015 08:45:19
OK - two more weeks to update you on.

The first was a game of Kingsburg, the classic dice rolling resource game. As I have the app, this rarely see the table (apparently I know how to win this game). Normally we will use the expansions to ensure more balance (though I still think that the dice rolling does balance it anyway).

first the blurb:

A boardgame for 2-5 players, ages 10+ by Fantasy Flight Games.

Adopt the role of a governor vying for power and the influence of the king. Construct and maintain your community over a period of five years.

The game is fun, it was very close until Sir Nick and the Squire lost one of the battles and thus lost their best buildings. Sir Steve ended third; i was second and Sir Animal won (see told you the dice balanced it!!).

The following week Malcolm and Gareth were back up. I looked forward to a game of "Touch of Evil". This semi-co-op game has great reviews and I have been trying to get it to the table. However the fates are always against me......

And this time the annoying large person spoke with forked tongue. He promised the game but delivered a very annoying quiz night mainly based on Dr Who and the most obscure quiz book ever!!!!!!!! (OK i still won but just and more by luck than judgement)....

Who knows what will be played next - i have two games i am desperate to get to the table but both are five player so watch this space.......

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Star Wars - Imperial Assault

March 2015Posted by Sir Keith Tue, March 17, 2015 08:31:07

Sorry - no excuses but this is a quick run through of the games we have played in the past month.

First is the game..... Star War - Imperial Assault

For 2-5 players, ages 14+, playing time around 90 minutes.

Star Wars: Imperial Assault is a strategy board game of tactical combat and missions for two to five players, offering two distinct games of battle and adventure in the Star Wars universe!

Imperial Assault puts you in the midst of the Galactic Civil War between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire after the destruction of the Death Star over Yavin 4. In this game, you and your friends can participate in two separate games. The campaign game pits the limitless troops and resources of the Galactic Empire against
a crack team of elite Rebel operatives as they strive to break the Empire’s hold on the galaxy, while the skirmish game invites you and a friend to muster strike teams and battle head-to-head over conflicting objectives.

In the campaign game, Imperial Assault invites you to play through a cinematic tale set in the Star Wars universe. One player commands the seemingly limitless armies of the Galactic Empire, threatening to extinguish the flame of the Rebellion forever. Up to four other players become heroes of the Rebel Alliance, engaging in covert operations to undermine the Empire’s schemes. Over the course of the campaign, both the Imperial player and the Rebel heroes gain new experience and skills, allowing characters to evolve as the story unfolds.

Imperial Assault offers a different game experience in the skirmish game. In skirmish missions, you and a friend compete in head-to-head, tactical combat. You’ll gather your own strike force of Imperials, Rebels, and Mercenaries and build a deck of command cards to gain an unexpected advantage in the heat of battle. Whether you recover lost holocrons or battle to defeat a raiding party, you’ll find danger and tactical choices in every skirmish.

As an additional benefit, the Luke Skywalker Ally Pack and the Darth Vader Villain Pack are included within the Imperial Assault Core Set. These figure packs offer sculpted plastic figures alongside additional campaign and skirmish missions that highlight both Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader within Imperial Assault. With these Imperial Assault Figure Packs, you'll find even more missions that allow your heroes to fight alongside these iconic characters from the Star Wars saga.

Wow - lots of blurb and to be honest lots of stuff. The box is very heavy and the contents are of very high quality. The fact that it follows the Descent system makes it easy to learn and the tweak of allowing the empire to activate a squad after each player has a turn actually balances out (surprisingly).

We only played the initial game which is very balanced towards the players. Though we actually had a rocky first turn where we got a bit chewed up (mainly due to Sir Nick's awesome rolling), we soon had them on the ropes and the wookie doing mass close damage and the rest picking out the rest it was over rather quicker than we hoped......

I look forward to getting this back the table and I think the campaign will be fun. However as we fluctuate with attendance every week, i will have to trust the force....

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