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These are my reports of the games we play and our views of the weaknesses and strengths of the games. I will be blunt, truthful and not always kind (except about my D&D Campaign!)

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31st - After the Expo

May 2012Posted by Sir Keith Fri, June 01, 2012 19:14:23

Great Dalmuti

Card Game, 4-8 Players by Wizards of the Coast

Wow- What a weekend - Full report of all three days at Birmingham UK Games Expo can be found in the News page (Convention Reports).

Stiil, though a full turnout this evening, we were a little hungover from all the great games we had played and so Sir Nick bought out the old favourite - The Great Dalmuti.

This is a simple game, playing cards and making tricks. However what makes this different is the packing order. This means that the seating arrangments changes almost every hand as people rise up and down the social ladder. It also meant that we had a marathoin game.....

To start with, I was the lucky king. I spent the time wrcking up the points, though the lower Peon (Sir Steve) was giving me some of the worst passes a peasant could muster! Eventually I couldn't survive this and found myself sliding down the social ladder. While others moved up and down, Sir Nick managed to stay out of the peon seats and soon overtook me and the lead. Eventually I was the lower peon and Sir Nick the king and I thought my game was over. However, due to the amount of time we spent playing (about 3 hours), I found the positions were reversed (even without a revolution). I was the king and for the final two hands, powered out the maximum points. With Sir Nick now the lower peon and no points, I managed to overtake his points on the final hand, to win by 2 points!

For a simple card game, to go on and be enjoyable all evening and have a nailbiting finale goes to show that this one has not aged badly. As it is realtively simple, we were all able to disect Birmingham, our experiences and make plans for the site and the game going forward. Look out for plenty of RPG reviews etc. I am also signing up to the UKGMN (UK Games Media Network). Please watch this space.....

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17th - Getting ready for the expo

May 2012Posted by Sir Keith Fri, May 18, 2012 16:54:26

7 Wonders & Leaders Expansion

Board game for 3-7 players, ages 10+, duration approx 30 minutes. This was the last Thursday night before we depart for Birmingham and the expo. We don't meet the night before but instead spend time with the families.

As Sir Nick and the squire have entered the 7 wonders competition on Sunday, it was decided that we should play a few practice games, to get them into the mood. We haven't played it far a while and we were happy to play what is a great little game.

In the first game, i got the expansion of Brussels that was a special release. The "A" side that i got was definitley the better side and I started with more gold and able to choose which of the levels of wonder I built from neighbouring wonders. This helped with the points from the wonders but I struggled for resource and it really hurt throughout the game. In the end, it was a close run thing with Sir Nick able to get those final few points.

The second game seemed to follow the first. The squire gathered the science cards and the rest of us fought with the resource and economic cards. Sir Steve went hard on the army cards and these went well with his leaders. However i was stuck between the Colossus and Belguim that meant I struggled for resource throughout. In the end Sir Steve won the second game.

The third game seemed very much like the other two for me. A struggle for resource and half way through a real struggle for money but the Squire seemed to be drawing and buidling like a man possessed and ran out an easy winner.

So the two entrants won games (nothing like a morale boost) and are now ready to try the real thing. Sir Steve has got his game into the trials on Saturday so we are ready to hlpe out. Business cards for the site have been ordered, we will be wearing T-Shirst and Saturday night the Squire may be knighted.

See you all in Birmingham.......

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10th - Deeper into Waterdeep

May 2012Posted by Sir Keith Sun, May 13, 2012 11:06:47

Lords of Waterdeep

Boardgame for 2-5 Players, ages 12+ from Wizards of the Coast

Yep - second week of playing this game. However this time it was with all five of us as the Squire was back amongst us. Firstly a quick note on the packaging. Having said how much the interior was good last week, i found that tipping the box on it's side meant that tiles and tokens fell out annd were all over the box! So maybe not so good after all.....

After several false starts (Where Sir Steve appeared, disappeared and then reappeared - like the shopkeeper from Mr Benn), we got into the game. It was an interesting game, where the Ambassador came out early and every player was completing quests and not concentrating on buidlings. However it did become clear that buidlings that gave owners resource were very powerful and that the intrigue cards really kept the game competetive. Sir Steve went off quickly but was soon pegged back and then Sir Animal raced off. We all kept on completing and it soon became clear that it was anyones game. Even the squire, who started slowly, was soon well in the mix!

After round 5, all players gain an additional agent and with the lack of buidings and the ambassador in tow there was concern that some players would not be able to play all their agents. However the buidling space had to be used and this ensured there was room for the final agents.

The final tally showed that all of us had completed at least 4 of the quests required by our Lords. We had worked out what adventures were required by other players and blocked where possible. But the final tally was Sir Animal won by 1 point from Sir Steve and Sir Nick. I was one point further back with the squire close behind (bringing up the rear!!).

Just a quick note - still updating and revising the home site. All the links and features now work. I will be trying to update the site over the past few weeks but any feedback or comments are greatly appreciated!!

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3rd - Lord of the deep

May 2012Posted by Sir Keith Tue, May 08, 2012 18:31:20

Lords of Waterdeep

Boardgame for 2-5 Players, ages 12+ from Wizards of the Coast

I bought over Lords of Waterbeep, the new hotness from Wizards of the Coast. This is a simple Euro game of resource management and earning victory points but one that drips with theme. With the Squire not well, this was a night for knights!

Resource in the game comes as party members, thief, fighter, clerics, wizard. Building up resources to complete adventures and gaining victory points.

Firstly, as this was the first game, it took a bit of time to set up. The cards needed to be shuffled and the counters punched before play. With all this done, I started us off (and not because i was last in a city). Initially the buidling space was the most popular. As there is only one space for resource, however was first player tended towards this place first. Sir Nick took an early lead, completing adventures and seemed to be heading ofr vistory. Sir Animal kept taking first player and building while i struggled to complete the big adventures i had been given. However the plot quests I managed to complete all worked around intrigue cards which helped my pionts. Sir Steve kept a turn over of quests as did Sir Animal (mainly thanks to the amount of buildings he had) so towards the end the three of us were able to catch up with Sir Nick.

At the final tally, Sir Animal revealed his lord. He got points for the amount of buildings he built! While the rest of us got points for certain types of quests completed, we could not complete with his tally and he was anounced the winner.

After the game, more fun was to be found in trying to decipher the box and putting the pieces into the compartments generously provided!!!!!!

Thirsty Knights

Sir Steve then bought over the proto-type game. There was new artwork and a new coloured dice for the special card; along with some changes to certain cards. The game was still well balanced, with even bad draws keeping everyone on the game (except for Sir Animal who was just plain rubbish!). Howver by the end I was able to get a good lead from Sir Nick and won!


Just a quick note - been updating and revising the home site. All the links and features now work. I will be trying to update the site over the past few weeks but any feedback or comments are greatly appreciated!!

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