Canterbury ConquestMarch 2015

Posted by Sir Keith Tue, March 17, 2015 09:16:44

On Saturday 7th March the first Canterbury Conquest gaming convention took place. It was held in a small hall, in Canterbury though away from the city centre.
The location was fine and easy to get to (though parking was a pain for some) and the hall was OK once they turned off the heating.

There was a good cafe that kept up the supply of hot and cold food though it stopped the hot food at 13:00 just as Sir Animal wanted to order and just after Sir Steve and i had ordered - much to our amusement.

The local game shop had a presence at the back of the hall and there was a small bring and buy that had some interesting gamee. It was here that I actually picked up a Kickstarter Copy of the Dice Tower game "Nothing Personal". The weight and the quality of the pieces are amazing and I cannot wait to get it to the table!! It was a bargain at £25 and had never been played (it also included the expansion as this was part of the stretch goals). Really this was a major find and I still cannot believe my good fortune.

The organisation was poor. The tables in the main hall were all reserved but only three were actually used. This meant that those bringing games to play stayed in the cafe area and used their tables. Thus a load of those attending never went into the main hall and the shop stall didn't seem to sell anything.

Olly was the poor chap on the stall and he joined us for some of the games...

Kingsburg, Castle Panic - several games of Tinku and Ghost Storys all made it to the table. We also demo'ed Every Round Counts the Dice Game which went down well....

It was a fun day and good to have time to play games and make new friends. Our hobby is very inclusive and many are so sociable that it truly is fun..

Are you going to UK Expo???

We have a stall where we will be demoing ERC, ERC the dice game and TINKU.

Please come by, have a game, say hello and maybe a beer???

It really is the best three days of gaming in the UK - Bordgames, RPGs, Seminars, Wargames, Bring and Buy, Trade stall, Events....... Really recommend and hope to meet you there!

Kingsburg and quiz nightMarch 2015

Posted by Sir Keith Tue, March 17, 2015 08:45:19

OK - two more weeks to update you on.

The first was a game of Kingsburg, the classic dice rolling resource game. As I have the app, this rarely see the table (apparently I know how to win this game). Normally we will use the expansions to ensure more balance (though I still think that the dice rolling does balance it anyway).

first the blurb:

A boardgame for 2-5 players, ages 10+ by Fantasy Flight Games.

Adopt the role of a governor vying for power and the influence of the king. Construct and maintain your community over a period of five years.

The game is fun, it was very close until Sir Nick and the Squire lost one of the battles and thus lost their best buildings. Sir Steve ended third; i was second and Sir Animal won (see told you the dice balanced it!!).

The following week Malcolm and Gareth were back up. I looked forward to a game of "Touch of Evil". This semi-co-op game has great reviews and I have been trying to get it to the table. However the fates are always against me......

And this time the annoying large person spoke with forked tongue. He promised the game but delivered a very annoying quiz night mainly based on Dr Who and the most obscure quiz book ever!!!!!!!! (OK i still won but just and more by luck than judgement)....

Who knows what will be played next - i have two games i am desperate to get to the table but both are five player so watch this space.......

Star Wars - Imperial AssaultMarch 2015

Posted by Sir Keith Tue, March 17, 2015 08:31:07

Sorry - no excuses but this is a quick run through of the games we have played in the past month.

First is the game..... Star War - Imperial Assault

For 2-5 players, ages 14+, playing time around 90 minutes.

Star Wars: Imperial Assault is a strategy board game of tactical combat and missions for two to five players, offering two distinct games of battle and adventure in the Star Wars universe!

Imperial Assault puts you in the midst of the Galactic Civil War between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire after the destruction of the Death Star over Yavin 4. In this game, you and your friends can participate in two separate games. The campaign game pits the limitless troops and resources of the Galactic Empire against
a crack team of elite Rebel operatives as they strive to break the Empire’s hold on the galaxy, while the skirmish game invites you and a friend to muster strike teams and battle head-to-head over conflicting objectives.

In the campaign game, Imperial Assault invites you to play through a cinematic tale set in the Star Wars universe. One player commands the seemingly limitless armies of the Galactic Empire, threatening to extinguish the flame of the Rebellion forever. Up to four other players become heroes of the Rebel Alliance, engaging in covert operations to undermine the Empire’s schemes. Over the course of the campaign, both the Imperial player and the Rebel heroes gain new experience and skills, allowing characters to evolve as the story unfolds.

Imperial Assault offers a different game experience in the skirmish game. In skirmish missions, you and a friend compete in head-to-head, tactical combat. You’ll gather your own strike force of Imperials, Rebels, and Mercenaries and build a deck of command cards to gain an unexpected advantage in the heat of battle. Whether you recover lost holocrons or battle to defeat a raiding party, you’ll find danger and tactical choices in every skirmish.

As an additional benefit, the Luke Skywalker Ally Pack and the Darth Vader Villain Pack are included within the Imperial Assault Core Set. These figure packs offer sculpted plastic figures alongside additional campaign and skirmish missions that highlight both Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader within Imperial Assault. With these Imperial Assault Figure Packs, you'll find even more missions that allow your heroes to fight alongside these iconic characters from the Star Wars saga.

Wow - lots of blurb and to be honest lots of stuff. The box is very heavy and the contents are of very high quality. The fact that it follows the Descent system makes it easy to learn and the tweak of allowing the empire to activate a squad after each player has a turn actually balances out (surprisingly).

We only played the initial game which is very balanced towards the players. Though we actually had a rocky first turn where we got a bit chewed up (mainly due to Sir Nick's awesome rolling), we soon had them on the ropes and the wookie doing mass close damage and the rest picking out the rest it was over rather quicker than we hoped......

I look forward to getting this back the table and I think the campaign will be fun. However as we fluctuate with attendance every week, i will have to trust the force....

The Sign is right February 2015

Posted by Sir Keith Sun, February 22, 2015 15:16:28

So tonight no squire or Sir Animal. This still left five so we decided to play a game of Elder Sign. This is a simple dice game base in the Arkham Horror universe (and is a very good app on iOS). A cooperative game, each player takes a character with unique abilities and attributes to undertake tasks in rooms around the museum. The idea is to get enough elder signs to thwart the return of an old one....

Elder Sign is a fast-paced, cooperative dice game of supernatural intrigue for one to eight players by Richard Launius and Kevin Wilson, the designers of Arkham Horror. Players take the roles of investigators racing against time to stave off the imminent return of the Ancient One. Armed with tools, allies, and occult knowledge, investigators must put their sanity and stamina to the test as they adventure to locate Elder Signs, the eldritch symbols used to seal away the Ancient Ones and win the game.

Elder Sign includes: 1 Cardboard Clock 8 Customized dice 1 Entrance Reference sheet 80
Oversized cards 76 Small cards 144 Cardboard tokens and markers

No. of Players 1 - 8 Duration: 60 to 120 minutes Min. Age: 13

We also included the Unseen Forces expansion, which includes blessings, curses, companions and additional cards. It also splits the safe locations so that some might close as a result of midnight striking..... We actually won the game quite easily. The King in Yellow was defeated as the characters deployed worked well and the dice rolls seemed to smile upon us. This a great quick and fun game for a lot of players. It plays well with five as well as seven. I plan to get the new expansion soon so look out for more play reports....

And We're backFebruary 2015

Posted by Sir Keith Mon, February 16, 2015 17:51:19

Or more importantly, I'm back to edit and report the news.....

So what has happened - well to be honest a lot, new job, new computer (iMac!) and now time to devote back to the sites.

Its been a while and if you can go over to UK i will soon be updating and adding more content.

In the meantime in the old tradition..... what have we done last week?

Well - the first part was a game of Asterix ... I can't believe when i look down that we played this game just before the reports stopped! Well the games were close between Sir Nick, Sir Animal, Gareth, Sir Malcolm and myself (No squire - he had other duties to perform - like mucking out the stables) and Sir Lard had the usual timekeeping issues. It is still a fun game with a lot going on and an easy filler. The decks are a little uneven but we swap characters each round so that soon addresses that issue. Sir Nick won and I came an honourable second....

The next game we played was the new game called Colt Express

"On the 11th of July, 1899 at 10 a.m., the Union Pacific Express has left Folsom, New Mexico, with 47 passengers on board. After a few minutes, gunfire and hurrying footsteps on the roof can be heard. Heavily armed bandits have come to rob honest citizens of their wallets and jewels. Will they succeed in stealing the suitcase holding the Nice Valley Coal Company's weekly pay, despite it having been placed under the supervision of Marshal Samuel Ford? Will these bandits hinder one another more than the Marshal since only the richest one of them can come out on top?

In Colt Express, you play a bandit robbing a train at the same time as other bandits, and your goal is to become the richest outlaw of the Old West. The game consists of five rounds, and each round has two phases:

Phase 1: Schemin' Each player plays 2-5 action cards on a common pile, with the cards being face up or face down depending on the type of the round. Instead of playing a card, a player can draw three cards from her deck.

Phase 2: Stealin' The action cards are carried out in the order they were played, with a player's best laid plans possibly not panning out due to mistakes and oversights!

The game takes place in a 3D train in which the bandits can move from one car to another, run on the roof, punch the other bandits, shoot them, rob the passengers, or draw the Marshal out of position. The train has as many cars as the number of players, and each car is seeded with gems, bags of loot or suitcases at the start of play."

Well it's a fun game. The unique characters are a little uneven in power but like Asterix you can swap them round each game. We played twice and enjoyed both. The movements and the plot twists kept things interesting. Not a game to keep playing over and over and one that children would really enjoy. A very light game that does what it says. A thumbs up - but not an enthused one.....

RoboRallyMay 2014

Posted by Sir Lard Sat, May 10, 2014 10:18:54

8th May


All 7 tonight, what a good time to bring out Sir Animals original Roborally!

Box Blurb

Imagine that you're a supercomputer. Now imagine that you're bored. So you dream up a little contest for you and a couple of your supercomputing buddies. Your task is to move one of the stupid little robots out on the factory floor through a series of checkpoints scattered throughout the factory. The wrinkle, however, is that the factory floor is filled with all kinds of inconvenient (if not down-right deadly) obstacles located in various locations: conveyor belts, crushers, flame-throwers, pushers, teleporters, oil slicks, pits, et cetera. But the real fun comes when the robots cross each other's path, and suddenly your perfect route is something less than that...

In RoboRally player's each control a different robot in a race through a dangerous factory floor. Several goals will be placed on the board and you must navigate your robot to them in a specific order. The boards can be combined in several different ways to accommodate different player counts and races can be as long or as short as player's desire.

In general, players will first fill all of their robots "registers" with facedown movement cards. This happens simultaneously and there is a time element involved. If you don't act fast enough you are forced to place cards randomly to fill the rest. Then, starting with the first register, everyone reveals their card. The card with the highest number moves first. After everyone resolves their movement they reveal the next card and so on. Examples of movement cards may be to turn 90 degrees left or right, move forward 2 spaces, or move backward 1 space though there are bigger varieties than that. You can plan a perfect route, but if another robot runs into you it can push you off course. This can be disastrous since you can't reprogram any cards to fix it!

Robots fire lasers and factory elements resolve after each movement and robots may become damaged. If they take enough damage certain movement cards become fixed and can no longer be changed. If they take more they may be destroyed entirely. The first robot to claim all the goals in the correct order wins, though some may award points and play tournament style.

Thursday Night Game

We set up the game with 4 boards and 5 checkpoints, and then the mayhem began!

Most of us went backwards, and sideward’s but Sir Animal started racing across the board until a mistimed cog changed his direction and he started moving back towards the rest of us. The game progressed amongst fits of laughter, as many of us were knock of course and your pre-programmed moves take you in the wrong direction or even worse down a pit to your death! After two and a half hours most of us had only just reached checkpoint two, we said we would give it two more rounds to see if we had a winner; the sneaky Squire avoided some pits and Sir Nic’s remote control laser and on the last move of the game landed on checkpoint 3 winning the game!

This game is good but I don’t know how long it would have taken us to get to the fifth checkpoint, and I believe you can have up to 8 checkpoints that must take all night!

Asterix: the card gameMay 2014

Posted by Sir Lard Sat, May 10, 2014 10:18:11

1st May

Asterix: the card game

Down to 3 tonight, Sir Nic, Sir Keith and myself! Sir Nic found a classic from the back of the cupboard, Asterix the card game from 1990!

Blurb from the box:

The year is 50 B.C. Gaul is entirely occupied by the Romans. Well, not entirely... A simple card game themed on the famous comic graphic novels, with indomitable Gauls bashing unfortunate Romans. Players have a set of cards (Asterix, Obelix, Getafix, Cacofonix & Vitalstatistix) numbered 1 to 10, each card having a different combination of 1-4 magic potions to act as a tie-break. A deck of 55 Roman soldiers, ranging from the cook to Crismus Bonus & Julius himself, are competed for in turn. A scoring card is shown, players select their Gaul cards and show them together, highest wins the Roman and discards their winning card. The other players return their cards to their hands to fight again. There are also Pirate cards which reduce your winnings and Dogmatix cards which allow the players to draw from the deck and either keep the card themselves or pass it onto another player. The rank of the Roman increases your score, but combinations of the same rank are worth much more.

Thursday Night Game

After a quick refresher of the rules we started the game, we played two games of this tonight and Sir Keith had a blinder in both of them getting many of the same rank and ducking the pirate cards, the score are below

1st Game

Sir Keith 123 points

Sir Nic 87

Sir Steve 82

2nd Game

Sir Keith 114 points

Sir Nic 100

Sir Steve 91

Every Round Counts, Get Lucky, Keep Running April 2014

Posted by Sir Lard Sat, May 10, 2014 10:17:26

24th April

Every Round Counts, Get Lucky, Keep Running

Tonight there is only 5 of us, Sir Keith, Sir Nic, Sir Animal, the Squire Phil and myself, this week my promo copy of Every Round Count arrived from Game Crafter, so we decide to play the game with the printed components instead of the homemade version, a close game was had but in the end sir Animal beat me by 1 point.

Get Lucky!

Sir Keith backed this on Kickstarter, it arrived a couple of weeks ago, first outing on a Thursday night

Box Blurb:

Get Lucky is a compact, inexpensive, and fast-playing update of a Cheapass classic.

Kill Doctor Lucky is our award-winning board game, originally released in 1996. It's the tale of a crazy old man and the collection of murderers who surround him. But he's a lucky old man, as his name suggests, and sometimes it can be hard to take him out!

Get Lucky is a card game based on the same idea. Each player controls two murderers, and Doctor Lucky is represented by a pawn that moves around the table. The turn moves with him, and Doctor Lucky's luck is represented by icons on the cards. When you're not trying to kill Doctor Lucky, you're often trying to save him from someone else! The game ends when Doctor Lucky's luck runs out, and someone finally manages to land the killing blow. It's fast, fun, and funny!

Thursday night game:

Game plays well; I believe the next game will be played differently, a few earlier attempts to kill Dr Lucky, instead of tonights free for all, at the end where every players turn there is an attempt to kill him.

Keep Running!

Another of one of Sir Keith’s Kickstarter back projects, Keep Running

Box Blurb:

Keep Running! is a quick and nasty card game. A bear chases you and your friends through the woods. Do whatever you can to be the last runner standing! Each player has a rapidly diminishing hand of cards and one must be played every turn. Roll a die to see how fast you’re going, but don’t forget the modifier on the card you’ve put down! Some cards allow you to get more in your hand, keeping you in the game longer. Others will let you attack your opponents, pushing them ever closer to that ever-chasing bear. Run out of cards and you’re no longer running – you’re dinner!

Thursday Night Game

Bad start for me, don’t roll a 1 on your D6 when all your cards don’t have good modifiers on them, my game was over quickly as the others had better rolls and it seems they had better cards (don’t call me a bad loser, just a useless die roller!) but after I was out of the game the others followed quickly, Sir Nic one.

Good game will play again