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2nd - Need for Speed (or the proper roll)

August 2012Posted by Sir Keith Sun, August 05, 2012 11:30:31

Formula D

Board Game; 2-10 Players; Ages 12+ by Asmodee

No squire tonight but Malc and Gareth were able to attend so we decided on a game of Formula D. The F1 game that is played with Dice and takes place on boards representing famous tracks. We played Hockenheim and Valencia, two of the more famous tracks (though there are others available).

Sir Nick got pole position for the first game and rolled a perfect start (nat 20). This enabled him to pull into the first bend whilst the rest of us were just getting the tyres warmed up! The main thing about this game is that you must spend a pre-designated of stops in a corner or take damage to your car (especially the tyres). This designates how fast you can go into and around the corners – and therefore the track. The gears of the cars are represented by different dice (D4-D30) and there are squares going around the board for your car to land on. This means working through the best route for your car and the best dice to roll. They are also mainly average dice so they may not go 1-8 for example but 7-12!

As I said, Sir Nick got a perfect start so we were all left ion his wake. I rolled poorly (a pattern I followed all the night!) and was soon trailing. Sir Animal decided to put his foot down and soon had no tyres (so was spinning around until he could pit). The rest was a struggle and Malc nearly caught Sir Nick on the home straight but was just one gear (and one roll) out! I struggled to second from last (Gareth’s car was ready for scrap).

The second game followed the same pattern with Malcolm on pole, getting the perfect start and steaming ahead. I carried on doing the same with all my dice rolls stopping one short of the curve and meaning some emergency braking or grinding of gears as my car began to fail badly. It didn’t help that both Sir Nick and I took the gamble of 6th Gear (D30) on the home straight and though it powered Sir Nick forward, my car looked worse then Gareth’s in the first race. Luckily other were just as hard on their cars and in the end I finished a creditable third to Sir Nick and Sire Steve as Malc’s car took a spin on the last curve and he was unable to recover in time.

This is a good game that really represents the excitement of F1. The tracks are well put together and the pieces functional rather than great. However the main star has to be the mechanics, the dice really standing out as items of genius!

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