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These are my reports of the games we play and our views of the weaknesses and strengths of the games. I will be blunt, truthful and not always kind (except about my D&D Campaign!)

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29th DC vs KOT

November 2012Posted by Sir Keith Thu, December 06, 2012 12:12:37

Dungeon Command - Undead vs Drow

A limited group this week, led to the first game of DC to be played on Thursday Night. Sir Nick took on the Squire, playing the new undead set. This was our first vire of this set in action and it was very interesting.

The squire got off to a powerful start, with his umber hulk in play from the start. He dominated the board, forcing the undead back to their starting area. However this meant he was overstretched and with the undead able to do little and often damage, the umberhulk eventually fell to their foul arts. This meant that the Drow were having to move quickly across the board, while the undead were able to bring in reinforcements and attack the new turn. as there was a quick turnover of undead, the undead Dragon came into play and made mincemeat of the final Drow....

A good balanced game that swung severely one way to the other. I do like this game and there are plenty of good options and encounters to go.. We did not use the chests as it was the first game and perhaps this was to the disadvantage of the drow. However also chasing a group back to their starting area was also a disadvantage as shown above

King of Tokyo - with Expansion

We also played the new KOT expansion tonight. This added a new monster (a giant panda) and unique monster cards. Rolling three hearts meant that a permanent or temprary change happened to your monster and each monster had their own cards to select from. It is a fun game and as there were 5 players, we used the Tokyo Bay area as well as the Tokyo space. It led to several fun games that were one by players using different tactics and different winning conditions. For the £12.99 price, it doesn't seem a lot but it does change the game significantly and I highly recommend it....

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