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Labrynth Lord RPG

March 2014Posted by Sir Lard Sat, April 05, 2014 10:16:54

13TH March

Labrynth Lord RPG

All seven are in attendance, Sir Animal has been badgering all of us to try the Labrynth Lord RPG system, a few weeks ago he made us roll up the characters for this Retro –fantasy gaming system. Tonight was the night to try it out! As Sir Animal was the DM the adventuring party was the six of us plus a few NPC for the carrying and torch bearing. Sir Nick is a dwarf, Sir Keith is a thief, Squire Phil is a wizard, Malcolm is a Halfling, Gareth is a cleric and I am an elf.

Gareth was given the pencil and paper to map the adventure, and as all good adventures start in a town, the first place we visited was the pub and got all the gossip and tales from the patron and customers in the bar! The next day we started of for the nearest dungeon following the river and then cutting across to the dungeons mouth, and down the stairs to a room with several doors, and the thief not checking the floor by one of the doors the dwarf fell into a pit trap, not doing to much damage to the pit we lifted the dwarf out, we became more careful from there on a made are way through many doors and corridors which twisted and turned, many a door was opened and we started to fight a few monsters and villains, I found many a secret door with my elven abilities!

The evening came to an end and we stopped the adventure at a point where we can continue at a later date, all of us survived this far into the adventure but we haven’t finished the dungeon yet!

This RPG is defiantly retro, reminding us all of days gone passed but now we can relive the hazy days of our role-playing youth

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