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These are my reports of the games we play and our views of the weaknesses and strengths of the games. I will be blunt, truthful and not always kind (except about my D&D Campaign!)

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15th More Wonders!!

November 2012Posted by Sir Keith Sat, November 10, 2012 16:59:26

Tonight there was a full house. However with my work schedule being so hectic of late and with Sir Animal still struggling, there was nothing prepared. However it was a good opportunity for us to play some more Seven Wonders, before cracking out the latest expansion.

We played with Leaders and all the wonders, including Rome and Brussels. However what we found with this is that the starting resources for the neighbouring players of these struggled, espeically when one had both Brussels and Rome on either side!!

During the game itself, the leaders played quite a key role. Gareth benefited in the first game as being the only player of 7 to go the science route and so won easily. In the secon d game he played a military card on the last turn, just besting my military and getting a narrow point victory. In the last game my leaders were extremely strong and worked perfectly with my cards. I romped to an easy win, with lots of points....

This is a good game but really needs cities now as i think we have played it out until then!

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1st - A new Game

November 2012Posted by Sir Keith Tue, November 06, 2012 21:14:51

Tonight there were only four of us in attendance. As such we managed to trial the Squire's new game that he has designed.

This is a card and dice quest based game, where you build up your character before attempting quests. The game ends when a player has completed the master quest. There are different items, quests and abilities to gather, providing you can afford them and other affects that can either aid you or hurt others.

The combat is all done using different coloured D20's, depending on the type of combat you are having or items you are using. It is an interesting idea which can lead to some good combat. However there is some work to do especially with the melee balance that doesn't seem to quite work right.

There are also some issues with some of the cards, but for a first trial that is to be expected. However overall this is a good game that has some very interesting possibilities. It would be good to get more play-testing and to see where this game can lead to......

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25th - OMG it's Hero time

October 2012Posted by Sir Keith Sun, October 28, 2012 14:48:56


All seven in attendance tonight and so Sir Animal bought out Heroscape. He has a lot of sets, including the Marvel and several of the original (older sets) with Lava and Ice and river tiles. We opted for 300 points each which meant the truly powerful Marvel character (Hulk, Silver Surfer etc) could not be chosen.

However Sir Steve had Blade (Agen Carr looks like him), Werewolves and Chomp - a dinosaur riding Orc. Sir Nick had lizardmen and Iron Man! The squire had Marro Warriers - water based troop and Dr Doom. Gareth had Krav Agents and the Red skull. Malcolm had Airborne elite, samurai and a lava loving lizard rider. I had Roman archers, a swog rider (orc on a lizard wolf) and a black dragon. All in all - a hell of a mixture.

In the initial rounds, Sir Nick sent his lizards against the werewolves and Agent Carr. the squire and gareth lined up against each other and Malcom and I started to fight. The aribourne elite came down on the first turn and threw grenades against my Romans, wiping them, out! I responded with my Dragon breathing acid and wiping them out! My swog rider ran around, trying to find a target nearby.

Sir Steve had lost agent carr and some of his werewolves but Sir Nick's troops were defeated. Squire and Gareth destroyed each others main threats with the Red Skull and Dr Doom defeating each other. Chomp from Steve went against Malcolms large lizardf, whilst I killed samurai with my Swog rider!

Eventually all that was left were Sir Malcolm's lizard rider, my balck dragon, the squire's marro and Gareth's agents.... I breathed acid to despatch Malcom and Gareth managed to shoot one Phil's warriors. I then breathed more acid to despatch the remaining Marro but had to take shots from Gareth!

With one point of health left, I pushed my dragon forward and breathed..... The acid destroyed the final agent and I was victorious! However with one fighure left it was an epic batttle that the bards will sing of for ages to come.

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21st - Dungeon Command special

October 2012Posted by Sir Keith Fri, October 26, 2012 19:28:03

Dungeon Command

Wizards of the Coast For 2 players, ages 12+, playing time around 90 minutes.

On Sunday I went around to Sir Animal's to finally play Dungeon command. I played the Drow, whilst Sir Animal was Cormyr.

We set the tiles as per the layout in the rules and Sir Animal started. I got a great start, with the cleric and her spell, blessings of Lolth off. This allowed me to take two order cards per turn, a great advantage. I then sent out my Drow fighters against the dwarfs and ranger.

The game was very well balanced. Though I got an early advantage and killed some heroes, however the game changer was the copper dragon (as well as a very annoying cleric). I had my drider and shado mastif out, it was very close. I ended up the loser but in the final round it could easily have swung either way.

This is a very tactical game, that swings back and forth and the cards are well written and very clear. However it is also bloody expensive! One box set costs £32 from Leaisure Games, so to get the two is rdiculous. I have all three so far - just don't tell the wife

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18th - I shot the sherrif

October 2012Posted by Sir Keith Fri, October 26, 2012 19:14:04


Card Game, 4-7 Players, Ages 8+ by Da Vinci Games

Whilst waiting for Sir Lard to appear, we played a game of Bang! the 4th edition of this neat little card game from Da Vinci Games. Sir Nick was the sherrif and all the other roles were dealt out secretly. However there were only six players around the table, so one deputy (me), three outlaws and one renegade (Gareth). The game seemed a little unbalanced as I was far away from the sherrif and so it was difficult to help him. Gareth was shooting everyone in sight and though I managed a little misdirection for a time, the outlaws were soon known and they teamed up to kill the sherrif. The powers of the characters were well balanced and i think this would definitely play better with 7 players so something to look getting to the table soon.

??? Watch this space

card and dice game, Ages 14+ by Sir Steve

With seven players in attendance, this was a chance to see how well Sir Lard's game stacked up. It has gone through a bit of a transformation since Birmingham and the play tests. There are now red screwage cards and the yellow cards have been tweaked. There is new art and new balanced dice cards. There is also a strict turn order and a rule sheet to explain. The game is nearly there but still needs a name.. Any suggestions on a fantasy bartending game please post below....

The game with seven (two new to the game) was still well balanced. However early leaders (Sir Animal and I) were the targets for screwage and as such the squire was able to sneak to an undeserved one point win!!

There will be new dice, artwork and more by the time we get back to Birmingham in May and we expect to be ready for the kickstarter.... Watch this space for news.....

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11th Back to the pitch

October 2012Posted by Sir Keith Sat, October 13, 2012 13:55:27

Firstly apologies for last week, I had to be away on business so missed the session. The gamne played was the new Fantasy Flight game "X-Wing Fighter". It played very similar to Wings of War, with some good innovations added. However Luke and R2 in an X-Wing seemed to overbalance and the Squire romped to victory.... Thanks to Sir Animal for the update.

A limited crowd tonight, with no squire or Gareth and Malcolm. So we played a game of Blood Bowl Manager. We took out the errata'ed cards, recommended on the "Geek" and it was a lot more balanced game. In addition being Chaos for the first time, I was able to get quite a powerful team togther. The unfortunate side was that I was public enemy number 1 and as such Sir Steve was able to get the final score. The down side is that though the unbalanced cards had gone, the Human team has a lesser version of one of the worse cards and so Sir Steve's final margin of victory was a lot greater than the game played. Sorry but this card still unbalances the game so i do not know why they put them in. It does seem to be sloppy play-testing that has bugged FF for several years.

Hopefully there will be more business as usal now and i will endeavour to keep the site up to date. Also we tested an updated version of Sir Steve's game.... Thirsty Knights. The game has more screwage cards that can only be a good thing. It is a fun, fast paced game with plenty to do each round.... Just waiting to see how we can then move this forward.

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27th - 7 Wonders

September 2012Posted by Sir Keith Sun, September 30, 2012 17:12:24

All seven off us this week so we played a game of 7 Wonders. As Malcolm and Gareth are still learning the foibles of thed game, we started with the basic. Then we added Leaders for more games. Sir Nick has also now got the cities expansion, that adds black cards and mean that the hand lmit bacomes 8.... However we have yet to play a game with them in as there was limited time to play.

In the games we played, i won two and Sir Nick the other. The last one was the money lock in where i had the leader and the guild that both gave me 1 victory point for three coins on my card at the end of the game!

Back to cities and there are two new wonders (Petra and Byzantium). These work around the two new main rules.... Peace and Debt!

Peace - you sit outside of combat so now you have to look at how players away from you are doing and not just your immediate neighbours.

Debt - Now you can take money off everyone else in the game by playing debt. These are -gold tokens so can really hurt players and mean another change to your tactics. The only way to combat is to keep your money up so this will affect what you buy and how you spend your money.

I think these will add some much freshness to the game and i wil bring you a report once we have played it!!

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23rd - We're Back

September 2012Posted by Sir Keith Sun, September 23, 2012 16:45:14

OK - first of an apology. I have been on holiday and then inundated with work so there has been a hiatus in my online reports and reviews. As commented - I am a sad excuse of a blogger :(

Next - Games have been a bit interrupted but we have played several games that I have never entered before - Citadels, Wits and Wagers, Descent 2.0 and Thunderstone advance. I will report on each of these in their sections but how do they play??? A short report on each.....

Citadels - Fantasy Flight, Card Game for 2-7 Players, ages 10+, playing time around 20-60 minutes.

Seven player games can be a bit short on the ground. Good 7 player games even rarer. We played this with all seven in attendance. We used the core roles and play time was a lot longer than previously experienced. The most interesting part of the game was that going first and last had real benefit. Going first and you could work out which role was missing. Going last and you got to pick up the spare role to choose between the two. That way only you knew what role was actually out of the game. This made choosing the thief or assassin a breeze as you know you would get a result! The game was very cut-throat and there was plenty of banter along the way. Eventually I was able to pull away with no weak structures and a bit of luck at the end got a good victory...

Wits and Wagers – North Star Games, Party Game, 2-7 Players, Ages 10+

So after an intense game of citadels!! A little game of gambling on your general knowledge. Of course this is a game that either I do well or it is disastrous and every choice is well off the mark. Those who don’t know this game, it is about best guessing dates or totals and then betting on either your or your opponents answers, with various odds…. As I did well in the previous game of Citadels meant this was truly awful. I got one answer correct the whole game while Nick and Steve got a huge lead. In the end Nick won with another excellent decision while the rest gambled away all their chips…….

Thunderstone Advance – AEG, Card Game, 1-5 Players, ages 12

Sir Animal and I played this at UK game expo this year. It truly is an excellent update of the original game with some fantastic changes and tweaks to the system. I was able to go down into the dungeon on my first turn and defeat a monster – unheard of in the original game! However others had a slow start (as did I after that) and several monsters did seem way too powerful to fight and that cost a lot. However once the game got going the cards were well balanced and linked well together. The end of the game with the big boss seemed a little under whelming and even killing that did not guarantee overall victory in the game. This was really good in my view as it meant that you had to compete throughout the game rather than wait and hope for a last boss kill!

Descent 2.0 - Fantasy Flight, Board Game, 2-5 Players ages 14+, playing time around 2 hours.

Descent was always a favourite and the game we played this Thursday. As it is a maximum of five players there is limited chance to get it to the table which is a shame as it is really is an excellent upgrade to the original game. The game flowed a lot quicker, with less tokens and clutter but still good results. I was the mage and chose the role of the necromancer. With a skeleton minion, I was able to get involved from the start and did not have to cower while the big armoured monkeys went about their business! In the end we played two of the scenarios and noted our advancement as it became clear that we wanted to see how the characters evolved. There was still some ambiguity to the rules but I am sure BGG will clear these up.

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