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These are my reports of the games we play and our views of the weaknesses and strengths of the games. I will be blunt, truthful and not always kind (except about my D&D Campaign!)

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May 2014Posted by Sir Lard Sat, May 10, 2014 10:18:54

8th May


All 7 tonight, what a good time to bring out Sir Animals original Roborally!

Box Blurb

Imagine that you're a supercomputer. Now imagine that you're bored. So you dream up a little contest for you and a couple of your supercomputing buddies. Your task is to move one of the stupid little robots out on the factory floor through a series of checkpoints scattered throughout the factory. The wrinkle, however, is that the factory floor is filled with all kinds of inconvenient (if not down-right deadly) obstacles located in various locations: conveyor belts, crushers, flame-throwers, pushers, teleporters, oil slicks, pits, et cetera. But the real fun comes when the robots cross each other's path, and suddenly your perfect route is something less than that...

In RoboRally player's each control a different robot in a race through a dangerous factory floor. Several goals will be placed on the board and you must navigate your robot to them in a specific order. The boards can be combined in several different ways to accommodate different player counts and races can be as long or as short as player's desire.

In general, players will first fill all of their robots "registers" with facedown movement cards. This happens simultaneously and there is a time element involved. If you don't act fast enough you are forced to place cards randomly to fill the rest. Then, starting with the first register, everyone reveals their card. The card with the highest number moves first. After everyone resolves their movement they reveal the next card and so on. Examples of movement cards may be to turn 90 degrees left or right, move forward 2 spaces, or move backward 1 space though there are bigger varieties than that. You can plan a perfect route, but if another robot runs into you it can push you off course. This can be disastrous since you can't reprogram any cards to fix it!

Robots fire lasers and factory elements resolve after each movement and robots may become damaged. If they take enough damage certain movement cards become fixed and can no longer be changed. If they take more they may be destroyed entirely. The first robot to claim all the goals in the correct order wins, though some may award points and play tournament style.

Thursday Night Game

We set up the game with 4 boards and 5 checkpoints, and then the mayhem began!

Most of us went backwards, and sideward’s but Sir Animal started racing across the board until a mistimed cog changed his direction and he started moving back towards the rest of us. The game progressed amongst fits of laughter, as many of us were knock of course and your pre-programmed moves take you in the wrong direction or even worse down a pit to your death! After two and a half hours most of us had only just reached checkpoint two, we said we would give it two more rounds to see if we had a winner; the sneaky Squire avoided some pits and Sir Nic’s remote control laser and on the last move of the game landed on checkpoint 3 winning the game!

This game is good but I don’t know how long it would have taken us to get to the fifth checkpoint, and I believe you can have up to 8 checkpoints that must take all night!

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Asterix: the card game

May 2014Posted by Sir Lard Sat, May 10, 2014 10:18:11

1st May

Asterix: the card game

Down to 3 tonight, Sir Nic, Sir Keith and myself! Sir Nic found a classic from the back of the cupboard, Asterix the card game from 1990!

Blurb from the box:

The year is 50 B.C. Gaul is entirely occupied by the Romans. Well, not entirely... A simple card game themed on the famous comic graphic novels, with indomitable Gauls bashing unfortunate Romans. Players have a set of cards (Asterix, Obelix, Getafix, Cacofonix & Vitalstatistix) numbered 1 to 10, each card having a different combination of 1-4 magic potions to act as a tie-break. A deck of 55 Roman soldiers, ranging from the cook to Crismus Bonus & Julius himself, are competed for in turn. A scoring card is shown, players select their Gaul cards and show them together, highest wins the Roman and discards their winning card. The other players return their cards to their hands to fight again. There are also Pirate cards which reduce your winnings and Dogmatix cards which allow the players to draw from the deck and either keep the card themselves or pass it onto another player. The rank of the Roman increases your score, but combinations of the same rank are worth much more.

Thursday Night Game

After a quick refresher of the rules we started the game, we played two games of this tonight and Sir Keith had a blinder in both of them getting many of the same rank and ducking the pirate cards, the score are below

1st Game

Sir Keith 123 points

Sir Nic 87

Sir Steve 82

2nd Game

Sir Keith 114 points

Sir Nic 100

Sir Steve 91

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Every Round Counts, Get Lucky, Keep Running

April 2014Posted by Sir Lard Sat, May 10, 2014 10:17:26

24th April

Every Round Counts, Get Lucky, Keep Running

Tonight there is only 5 of us, Sir Keith, Sir Nic, Sir Animal, the Squire Phil and myself, this week my promo copy of Every Round Count arrived from Game Crafter, so we decide to play the game with the printed components instead of the homemade version, a close game was had but in the end sir Animal beat me by 1 point.

Get Lucky!

Sir Keith backed this on Kickstarter, it arrived a couple of weeks ago, first outing on a Thursday night

Box Blurb:

Get Lucky is a compact, inexpensive, and fast-playing update of a Cheapass classic.

Kill Doctor Lucky is our award-winning board game, originally released in 1996. It's the tale of a crazy old man and the collection of murderers who surround him. But he's a lucky old man, as his name suggests, and sometimes it can be hard to take him out!

Get Lucky is a card game based on the same idea. Each player controls two murderers, and Doctor Lucky is represented by a pawn that moves around the table. The turn moves with him, and Doctor Lucky's luck is represented by icons on the cards. When you're not trying to kill Doctor Lucky, you're often trying to save him from someone else! The game ends when Doctor Lucky's luck runs out, and someone finally manages to land the killing blow. It's fast, fun, and funny!

Thursday night game:

Game plays well; I believe the next game will be played differently, a few earlier attempts to kill Dr Lucky, instead of tonights free for all, at the end where every players turn there is an attempt to kill him.

Keep Running!

Another of one of Sir Keith’s Kickstarter back projects, Keep Running

Box Blurb:

Keep Running! is a quick and nasty card game. A bear chases you and your friends through the woods. Do whatever you can to be the last runner standing! Each player has a rapidly diminishing hand of cards and one must be played every turn. Roll a die to see how fast you’re going, but don’t forget the modifier on the card you’ve put down! Some cards allow you to get more in your hand, keeping you in the game longer. Others will let you attack your opponents, pushing them ever closer to that ever-chasing bear. Run out of cards and you’re no longer running – you’re dinner!

Thursday Night Game

Bad start for me, don’t roll a 1 on your D6 when all your cards don’t have good modifiers on them, my game was over quickly as the others had better rolls and it seems they had better cards (don’t call me a bad loser, just a useless die roller!) but after I was out of the game the others followed quickly, Sir Nic one.

Good game will play again

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April 2014Posted by Sir Lard Sat, April 12, 2014 11:44:20

10th April

Bloodbowl Manager

Just the knights tonight, Phil the squire, Malcolm and Gareth were all unavailable.

So we decide to play Bloodbowl Manager with the expansion but with a few house rule changes, and decide to choose which team we played

The house rule changes

Each team starts with a random drawn Star Player

We use just the original Bloodbowl balls.

Randomise the last round

The teams are as follows

Sir Animal: Undead

Sir Keith: Chaos

Sir Nic: Skaven

Sir Steve: Dark Elves

The game report

First Round: no cup match and each player had to draw to extra cards from there deck

I was first and went for the card which gave you a Star player and the middle gave you a choice of one star player from two cards and two fans, Sir Nic played a card on the opposite side which downed my first card, so on the next turn I continued to play on this match up, the other four match filled up leaving me to just play on this as no other match up lost the cards on a side to free up a space, so I played all my cards on this match up and received to star players at the end of the round (which is quiet a good result for me)

Second Round: again no cup match but this time you wasn’t allowed to play more than 3 of your cards at a match up, the other match didn’t really give much away, so we all plodded through this round

Third Round: At last a cup match, so there was five matches for players to use there cards, a few Star players were picked up so contract markers and fans

Forth Round: Cup Match but the other four matches really didn’t give much away a few upgrade cards and 1 or 2 fans

Fifth Round: Bloodbowl Cup (loads of fans to win) and the other match had a few fans and a contract to win, but first the roll to see is unlucky enough to go first, yes it was ME!!, laying a card on the match up which I could win two fans and the last round started, loads of fighting going on in the four way cup match up, the other match ups getting a card or two, the round ended. Lucky for me at two of my matches the scores were tied and the ball was in the middle which meant as I was the first player I chose who had won me both times then! Now to the scores

Sir Nic 54 fans

Sir Keith 41

Sir Steve 37

Sir Animal 28

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Lost Legends

April 2014Posted by Sir Lard Sat, April 05, 2014 10:19:10

3rd April

Lost Legends

The Knights and Squire in attendance tonight, and tonight we played another game of Lost Legends to see if I could have a better game than I did on the 27th Feb, I was going to try and use what I hade learnt from the first game, which was grab a weapon in the draft as soon as I could, the first cards I received had a magical staff which was good as I was a magic user, now at least I could hit the creatures! Also in the draft I pick up a few magic spells and some armour, then in to the first level of the game. It took me three rounds to kill the monster in front of me, but I did it, also I did not die in the first round and killed a few other monsters, to the next round drafted another weapon and upgrade the staff to a better one, also picked up some other useful bits of equipment, but when the second level started I soon realised I should have chosen to get some more armour, I was charged by one of the monsters I encountered and that removed one of my skill cards and two rounds later a monster was to strong for my feeble armour so I was killed and lost another skill card and was sitting out for the rest of the level. The third level started the cards I received I had to choose more armour missing out on the large weapons also the other items I chose cost more as I had lost the two skill cards, the last round of fighting started I could defend against the hits I was receiving but it took me more rounds to kill the monster, I only managed to kill two monsters in the final level the game ended the scores are as follows

Sir Keith 50

Sir Nick 43

Sir Animal 39

Squire Phil 22

Sir Steve 16

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The Great Dalmuti

March 2014Posted by Sir Lard Sat, April 05, 2014 10:18:28

27th March

The Great Dalmuti

A Full house to night, all seven and no game pencilled in, out came the Great Dalmuti! Yes I know we only played it a couple ago but Gareth wanted a rematch and as we all like a challenge!!!

We decided to play for a hour and a quarter and then the one with the highest score would win, as usual the seat changed many times, I forget who came first (as I am behind on the update and this was nearly two weeks ago) but one thing I can remember is that Gareth came last once again, but he did manage to get into double figures, Well Done Gareth!!!!

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March 2014Posted by Sir Lard Sat, April 05, 2014 10:17:39

20th March


Down to four tonight, Sir Nick, Sir Keith, Squire Phil and myself, Back to the four player game of Seasons.

A brief description of the game

The greatest sorcerers of the kingdom have gathered at the heart of the Argos forest, where the legendary tournament of the 12 seasons is taking place. At the end of the three year competition, the new arch mage of the kingdom of Xidit will be chosen from among the competitors. Take your place, wizard! Equip your ancestral magical items, summon your most faithful familiars to your side and be ready to face the challenge!

Seasons is a tactical game of cards and dice which takes place in two phases:

The first phase "Prelude" consists of a card draft: the goal during this phase will be to establish own 9-card deck for the main part of the game and with it the strategy.

Once the Prelude is complete, each player must separate his 9 cards into 3 packs of 3 cards. He will begin the second phase of the game with his first pack of three cards, then gradually as the game progresses, he will receive the other two packets of three cards.

Next comes the Tournament: at the beginning of each round a player will roll the seasons dice (dice = number of players +1).

These cubes offer a variety of actions to the players:
- Increase your gauge (maximum number of cards you may have placed on the table and in play)
- Harvesting energy (water, earth, fire, air) to pay the cost of power cards
- Crystallizing the energy (during the current season) to collect crystals. Crystals serve both as a resource to pay for some cards, but also as victory points in the end.
- Draw new cards

Each player can choose only one die per turn. The die not chosen by anyone determines how many fields the "time track" would move forward.
In addition, all the dice are different depending on the season. For example, there are not the same energies to a particular season. Throughout the game, players will therefore have to adapt to these changes - also the "exchange rates" of energy to crystals vary during seasons - the energy not present on the dice in any given season is also the best paid during the season.

At the end of the game, the crystals are summed with victory points granted by the cards (minus some penalties, where applicable). The highest score wins.

Thursday night game

I think I am getting slightly better at this game, but in the “prelude” part of the game I still place the cards in the wrong sets of three cards, the game started Sir Nick raced ahead, and stayed there for the rest of the game! I struggled to get any crystals and when I did the other players cards which they had in play moved them back again so I decided to leave my crystals as low as possible and to get cards that give me crystal at the end of the game but as I said before Sir Nick was way ahead and in the end that tactic did not work.

The scores at the end of the game

Sir Nick 173

Squire Phil 117

Sir Keith 101

Me 96

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Labrynth Lord RPG

March 2014Posted by Sir Lard Sat, April 05, 2014 10:16:54

13TH March

Labrynth Lord RPG

All seven are in attendance, Sir Animal has been badgering all of us to try the Labrynth Lord RPG system, a few weeks ago he made us roll up the characters for this Retro –fantasy gaming system. Tonight was the night to try it out! As Sir Animal was the DM the adventuring party was the six of us plus a few NPC for the carrying and torch bearing. Sir Nick is a dwarf, Sir Keith is a thief, Squire Phil is a wizard, Malcolm is a Halfling, Gareth is a cleric and I am an elf.

Gareth was given the pencil and paper to map the adventure, and as all good adventures start in a town, the first place we visited was the pub and got all the gossip and tales from the patron and customers in the bar! The next day we started of for the nearest dungeon following the river and then cutting across to the dungeons mouth, and down the stairs to a room with several doors, and the thief not checking the floor by one of the doors the dwarf fell into a pit trap, not doing to much damage to the pit we lifted the dwarf out, we became more careful from there on a made are way through many doors and corridors which twisted and turned, many a door was opened and we started to fight a few monsters and villains, I found many a secret door with my elven abilities!

The evening came to an end and we stopped the adventure at a point where we can continue at a later date, all of us survived this far into the adventure but we haven’t finished the dungeon yet!

This RPG is defiantly retro, reminding us all of days gone passed but now we can relive the hazy days of our role-playing youth

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