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Kingsburg and quiz night

March 2015Posted by Sir Keith Tue, March 17, 2015 08:45:19
OK - two more weeks to update you on.

The first was a game of Kingsburg, the classic dice rolling resource game. As I have the app, this rarely see the table (apparently I know how to win this game). Normally we will use the expansions to ensure more balance (though I still think that the dice rolling does balance it anyway).

first the blurb:

A boardgame for 2-5 players, ages 10+ by Fantasy Flight Games.

Adopt the role of a governor vying for power and the influence of the king. Construct and maintain your community over a period of five years.

The game is fun, it was very close until Sir Nick and the Squire lost one of the battles and thus lost their best buildings. Sir Steve ended third; i was second and Sir Animal won (see told you the dice balanced it!!).

The following week Malcolm and Gareth were back up. I looked forward to a game of "Touch of Evil". This semi-co-op game has great reviews and I have been trying to get it to the table. However the fates are always against me......

And this time the annoying large person spoke with forked tongue. He promised the game but delivered a very annoying quiz night mainly based on Dr Who and the most obscure quiz book ever!!!!!!!! (OK i still won but just and more by luck than judgement)....

Who knows what will be played next - i have two games i am desperate to get to the table but both are five player so watch this space.......

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